Humans: Why are you like this?

There are a lot of things I wonder about people. For one: Why do you wear things that aren’t comfortable/functional on purpose? Or, why do you feel the need to do things that are expressly against the rules for a very good reason? (This isn’t just teens. I can’t even count the amount of cars I’ve seen handicapped-parked without a placard or special plate.) I mean, I do break rules, but it’s usually not just because it’s more convenient if I don’t have to walk an extra 10 feet.

But my number one question is this:  Why the heck are you always talking? It seems to be a trait to continue conversations for as long as possible. Like, when did “it was good”  become “please, try to make me talk as much as I can into the story of the six hours since I’ve last seen you”? I just want to sit down for 5 minutes. And then even when I tell you something about my day, you must know every detail.

And that’s just adults. Teens are a whole ‘nother thing. I don’t know why you find the phrase “Welcome to Chile’s” so funny. But ok, you can do that. But it kind of bothers me when you repeat it 2000 times. Or, even better, when you decide that you need to yell across the lunchroom rather than walking 20 feet, therefore preventing me from enjoying my lunch.

Other people are such a mystery to me. I don’t know how they’ll react to things, or whether they’re lying, or why certain short videos are so funny.

I guess that’s why I like computers so much. They’re predictable. They don’t double cross you, or ask you dumb questions, or tease you. If I tell it to open Twitter, there’s only two things that can happen: A) It’ll open Twitter or B) There will be an error. And if there is an error, it’s not offended when I tell it it’s super dumb and annoying. (Maybe with slightly stronger words.)

And the best part? They only make noise if you tell them to. (Except auto-play ads. But nothing’s perfect.)

Well, I have to go. Bye for now!


Note to self: work on endings of posts.




Storytime about Storytime

So, you may have heard of this radio show called The Moth. If you don’t, it’s an event where people tell stories live at big events. Then, the best are handpicked and put on their podcast/radio show. So, naturally, when I found out a StorySLAM (basically an open mic rather than a pre planned event) was coming to town, I was excited. Because I’m a dork. And I listen to the radio.

So, me and my dad get to the venue. It’s this lounge called The Secret Society, just off downtown Portland. And the bar is over 21 only (duh), but there is a little area where under 21s can sit in what’s basically a living room.

Now, this place? It was AMAZING. It was built in 1907 (or maybe 1904? Don’t remember) and was used by various societies for around 90 years.  Then, it was abandoned in 1997. In 2004, a guy bought the place, gave it a remodel, and opened it as a bar. It’s decorated with antique furniture and dark wood. So cool.

But anyway, my dad goes into the bar room, and asked the bartender, “Hey, the event room is under 21, right?” And he says yes. And so we go on with things. And then we get up to the ticket counter outside the event room. My dad holds out a 20, because tickets were supposed to be $10 each, right? NOPE. They raised the at-door price to $15. But all he has is a 20. And so they say “We take card, but it’s a $2.50 fee per ticket for it.” My dad is clearly frustrated, but he does it. They stamp my hand and we enter.

So, I sit next to some hipster-types and we start to chat. Then I go up to put my prompt in the box. (The prompt is an open-ended question used to riff between stories.) But the bartender stops me halfway. And he asks to see my I.D. I figure he meant my entry stamp, so I show him.

And he says, “No, your driver’s licence.”

I say, “I don’t have one. I’m not old enough yet.”

And he looks at me, as though he just noticed I’m 5’2″ and CLEARLY not 21. “Ma’am, this is an over 21 show. Please leave.”

My dad was angry about this. This was THE SAME bartender who had told him not 15 minutes ago I was allowed in here.

He asked for a refund. (Ok, asked is a pretty mild word.) We got one, and left.

We later found out that he had given us almost a double refund.

So hey, bartender? If you’re out there, I’m sorry we got so mad. It’s not your fault. Keep on going. 🙂

Thanks for reading. I may not have gotten to tell a story at the slam, but I got to tell a story here. And I’m glad for that.

Choir Festival, and other things

So, on Wendsday, the school choir went to a Choir Festival. This is where all the schools in the district come together to show off how much greater we are than everyone else. Well, it’s supposedly to “showcase and better our skills”, but it’s basically just a big show off party.

My school was last. We listened to 5 other schools. By our turn I was MEGA nervous. All the other choirs had sounded amazing.

Oh yeah, and my 5th grade crush was there too. Her name is Faith, and I hadn’t seen her in quite a while. But when I smiled and waved at her, she looked at me like I was a piece of gum on her shoe. She’s probably way out of my league anyway; she’s a child model and an actor and she sings and dances and does all the things. I didn’t expect her to jump up and down in excitement, but the fact she didn’t even recognize me stung a little.

Well, anyways, enough of my rambling. When we got up on the stage, the festival was 10 minutes behind schedule. So, there were only two choirs still there. And the 3 adjudicators (Basically just a fancy way to say judges).

I thought we did horrible. Every wrong note, every not-round vowel, made me cringe.

But the next day we found something out; out of all the choirs, we got the highest score. 266 out of 300. Not too bad, huh?

Although one choir left IN THE MIDDLE OF A SONG. In case you don’t know much concert etiquette, that is the absolute worst thing you can do. Right up there with having earbuds in, or letting your baby cry continually.

So, all in all, I guess it ended well.

Ok, well, see you guys later.


Happy Pi Day!

It’s Pi Day! You’ve probably read, like, 67 Pi Day posts already, but this one is a little bit different. I want to explore the (very weird) history of Pi Day.

So, Pi Day first started in 1988 with a celebration at the San Francisco Exploratorium. They gathered both scientists and the public to walk in a circular parade, then eat fruit pies. But, Wikipedia, being Wikipedia, manages to make it sound like a cult initiation. I’m not kidding; look.

This is what Wikipedia says about Pi Day:

“In 1988, the earliest known official or large-scale celebration of Pi Day was organized by Larry Shaw at the San Francisco Exploratorium, where Shaw worked as a physicist, with staff and public marching around one of its circular spaces, then consuming fruit pies.”

In my imagination, this is what it looks like: Men in hooded cloaks (because this is the 80s, there’s not that many female scientists) march the initiates around a dark circular room. Then, they sit them down at a table. “Eat the Pi! Eat the Pi!” they chant. To be initiated, the person must eat 3.14 slices. As the hopefuls finish their pie, the numbers begin to fill their heads. A flood of information, a randomized number pattern. They are one with the Science Mother.

Yeah, that’s not how it happened. But I’m a science obsessed teenager. This is how my brain works.

But, wait, there’s more! The Exploratorium has a Pi Shrine. They have a shrine. For Pi. Oh, and it gets better! They end the parade every year by going in a circle around the Pi Shrine 3.14 times while singing Happy Birthday to Albert Einstein. Because science.

Larry Shaw, the original organizer, died in 2017. But the Exploratorium still does a celebration. If you’re in town today or on future Pi Days, you should go! I’ve never been, but it sounds fun.

Ok, so to summarize what you should do: Eat pie. Draw some circles. Talk about numbers.

Actually, these sound like good things to do anytime…

Ok, now go eat some pie!

Bye! (Oh hey, that rhymed.)



Things that drive me crazy: A list

  • Fortnite. It’s a dumb game about shooting people. I never got First Person Shooters. They have no story line! Why would you play something without a story line?
  • People who make small talk when you’re not interested. Lady! I am mumbling, giving you one word answers, and not making eye contact! I do not want to talk to you!
  • People who talk down. I swear if you say “Ok, friend?” one more time I will slap you across the face.
  • “Gamers”. Playing Fortnite does not make you a gamer. Gamer used to be a positive term for people who liked video games, and now the “gamer” community is a bunch of idiots annoyed about an American on the Europe server.
  • Social media addicts. You do not need to video your friend doing a Fortnite dance in the lunchroom.
  • “Popular” kids. You know these guys. Their clothes are always name brand, hair always perfectly styled. They spread rumors and skip school to go to Dutch Bros (or any coffee joint near your school. But not Starbucks. Starbucks is too mainstream for them.) They. Drive. Me. Crazy.
  • OverachieversHow the heck do you even get into Calculus in the 10th grade? I don’t even have Pre-Calculus planned until my senior year! I’m not annoyed about the fact of how well they do, good for them, it’s just the fact that they seem to go through life with ease. HOW?!

This list could go on for days, but I guess I should probably stop now. See you later! Bye guys!

Ok, for real this time.

So, originally when revamping my blog I was going to make it like this lifestyle-info blog for teens, but then I decided that that’s not my style.

So this blog is now my whatever-I-want-to-post blog. I will post info stuff, funny stuff, stuff I found on the internet, advice, whatever.

So cool! See you guys soon! Bye!


Today I have deleted all of my posts and am completely remaking my blog. That means a whole new design and all new posts.

I am rebranding my site from a “random teenager who talks about weird stuff” to a lifestyle blog. It’s not just a random lifestyle blog made by some 30 year old white mom with two kids and a baby on the way (no offense if that’s you), though. It’s a blog made for advice on everything from sleep to how to deal with rude people, without the long winded 400 word beginnings of “listen to my conversation I had with my two year old”.

I do the research for you on all sorts of topics. I scour the internet for information on an issue, then pull it together in one blog post. No more searching.

I will start releasing posts ASAP. See you soon!