It’s been a while…

Hi guys! Wow, how long has it been? 5, 6 months? Ok, it’s update time!

  • I have a brace for my leg now. (I’ll get pictures later.)
  • Did I ever tell you guys I’m in Autism therapy? (Goes to check all my blog posts) No, I have not. Well it’s crap. More on that later.
  • I’m now in the 8th grade! YAY!
  • I’m not a huge fan of my algebra teacher (Sorry Mrs Rodriguez!) and am considering switching classes.
  • I frikin LOVE Spanish class.
  • My choir teacher had her baby! Yay! But the baby is completely deaf… Not yay :(… but he is absolutely adorable!

Ok, I think that’s about it… Ok, I’ll see you guys later!



Still Alive!

So, I’m alive. Don’t worry. Through the next few weeks, my posts will be infrequent. But I’m alive, don’t worry! More later.

Walkout, continued

So I went out on the walkout… and what do I hear? CHATTING. YEAH, CHATTING! IT’S A SILENT PROTEST!!!!!!! Turns out at least 60% percent of the people were there to get out of class for 17 minutes! WHAT THE HECK, MAN?! I’M SO DANG SICK OF PEOPLE NOT TAKING THESE THINGS SERIOUSLY!!!! And you know what else? The administrators and teachers out there were doing nothing about it. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! 

It could’ve been us! Our school could’ve been the one shot down. We could be next! BUT MOST OF OUR STUDENTS DON’T CARE, FOR QUITE LITERALLY, THE LIFE OF THEM! 

I will admit, I cried during the walkout. We shouldn’t have to do this. These 17 deaths could have been prevented. I too, say, #Enoughisenough. I too, say, #Neveragain. THIS NEEDS TO STOP RIGHT NOW! NO MORE! NO DAMN MORE! YES, I JUST SWORE! BUT IT SEEMS TO BE THE ONLY WAY I CAN GET SOME PEOPLE TO PAY GODDAMN ATTENTION! No more. Together, we can make school shootings a thing of the past. So let’s do it. Together.


So, in about 20 minutes, I’ll be going out to the track with other kids for a 17 minute protest against gun violence! Comment below to tell me if you went out for 17 minutes, one for each death in the Parkland Shooting. LETS SEE SOME SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Big post

Hey guys, it’s me. This is gonna be a long post. I’m not sure is the font is weird, but my computer is acting up so I’m writing in the HTML section with a text to HTML convertor. But anyways, I haven’t posted the last month or so, so lets get you caught up.


As you know, I have mild Cerebal Palsy in my right side. Well, it may have gotten worse. I get Botox injections in my leg, but after the last time, I grew an inch or two. So my leg muscles, being affected by the Botox, didn’t grow right. Of course. So at the end of this month, I’m going to be getting a walking cast. It’s gonna suck. I was really hoping to get out of gym, but my gym trimester ends on the 14th, gosh diddly darn it!


Next thing; National Walkout is on the 14th of this month! I highly suggest you do it! We have at least 45 people doing it at my school. 


Also, We’re doing Linear Functions in math, and I do not get it! I get the whole Y=MX+B thing, but past that I’m clueless! If you guys could help me out in the comments, that would be AMAZING. Thanks! 🙂


When I went to my prescribers appointment, we switched my ADHD medicines. The new ones make me a bit nauseous, but they work SOOOO much better.


Oh, I haven’t told you guys yet! My choir teacher is pregnant. The baby is due in June, and I’m making her a onesie! But she doesn’t know that. Shhh!


Ok… is that it? Yeah… I think so… Well, one last thing! If you read my blog a lot, please follow me! Rather than checking back each day, you get an email every time there is a new post! Plus, it helps me keep track of how many people are intrested in my blog. Thanks guys! Bye for now!